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Why did you decide to start We Love Anna Maria Island?

We often hear from people that they wish to keep Anna Maria Island a secret but guess what? It is not a secret anymore! Thousands of people travel to our island every year and we created We Love Anna Maria Island to help visitors find our local AMI businesses and to show them a new perspective on how to view our island. We also see the need to create a cool event "Before Sunset", this event will be open not only to businesses to enjoy and network but it will be open to regular people that enjoy our island.

What does the $19 a month option include?

Additionally to having your business directory listing you are also able to have a live video map on your business page as well as upload several images that showcases your business and even include a video. Businesses will also be able to attend our monthly events at no additional charge. All of our business sponsors will get additional social media exposure as well as receive business perks. Business perks are discounted pricing for marketing services (graphic design, website development, social media, video production and furniture rental discount deals).

What are your plans for We Love Anna Maria Island?

We plan on growing our social media following as well as a monthly event to be held at various businesses throughout our island. This event will be open to businesses wanting to network as well as to people that enjoy and appreciate our beautiful island. All of our monthly businesses will be able to attend these events as part of their monthly membership.